5512 Hunt Street NW
Gig Harbor, WA 98335
Lat:     47° 18.918’
Lon: -122° 36.718’
T21N R1E Sec13

Parcel Number 0121131003

Artondale Cemetery

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Artondale Cemetery Association
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7722 84th Avenue Ct NW
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Gig Harbor’s Harbor History Museum

Tacoma-Pierce County Genealogical Society

The Puget Sound Genealogical Society

The Peninsula Gateway
Defaults to The News Tribune for obituaries

The News Tribune
Has obituaries back to 1995

The Tacoma Public Library
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Has name search as well as the Social Security Death Index

New York City History: Ellis Island

Washington Obituary List (1907-1960)
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WAGenWeb Tombstone Project
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Premier Monuments (Formerly Premier Memorial)
A Tacoma, WA company that provide a wide range of gravestones and memorials
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Edwards Memorial
Funeral and Cremation services in University Place, WA
A good source for help with Veteran burial options

Tacoma Mausoleum & Mortuary
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Quiring Monuments
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Wreaths Across America
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Gig Harbor Area Cemeteries

This is a listing of fifteen cemeteries in the Gig Harbor Peninsula Area. Parcel numbers are from the Pierce, Mason and Kitsap County Assessor’s websites. Other information is from a site check of posted signs and GPS coordinates done by Frank Bannon.

Tacoma-Pierce County Genealogical Society inventoried names and dates and published Gig Harbor Peninsula Area Cemeteries in 1982. All cemeteries below, except Haven of Rest Memorial Park, are listed in the Tacoma-Pierce County Genealogical Society publication, Gig Harbor Peninsula Are Cemeteries of 1982.

Parcel numbers are available at: 
Pierce County Assessor’s website:  www.co.pierce.wa.us/cfapps/atr/epip/search.cfm
Kitsap County Assessor’s website:  http://kcwppub3.co.kitsap.wa.us/ParcelSearch/
Mason County Assessor: http://mapmason.co.mason.wa.us/website/mason/viewer.htm
The parcel numbers can yield the mailing address, and possibly a contact person, for the cemetery.

Use the Washington Secretary of State website to see officers and addresses of contact persons for cemeteries at:
http://www.sos.wa.gov/corps/corps_search.aspx and type in the name of the cemetery.

Artondale Cemetery, Established 1895
Lat: 47° 18.918’ and Lon: -122° 36.718’
Address is 5512 Hunt Street NW, Gig Harbor, WA 98335 (Not a mailing address)
Parcel Number 0121131003, 2.75 Acres. T21N R1E Sec13
Mailing address: 7722 84th Avenue Ct NW, Gig Harbor, WA 98335-5209

Haven of Rest Funeral Home Crematory and Cemetery
Lat: 47° 20.069’ and Lon: -122° 36.106’
8503 Hwy 16, On Hwy 16 just west of Rosedale Street NW, Gig Harbor, WA
Accessible from west-bound Hwy 16 only.
11 Parcels total. Nos. 4000130010-4000130070, 4000140010, 4000150010, 4000170010, and 0221063032, 5.55 Acres total, T21N R2E SEC

Gig Harbor Cemetery, Established 28 AUG 1891
(AKA Old Gig Harbor Cemetery, Crescent Valley Cemetery)
Lat: 47° 21.105’ and Lon: -122° 34.297’
North Gig Harbor at the end of 22nd Ave NW.
Parcel No. 0222324001, 4.68 Acres, T22N R2E SEC 32

Rosedale Cemetery, Established 1896. 
(AKA Greenwood Cemetery)
Lat: 47° 19.776’ and Lon: -122° 38.653’
On the east side of Rosedale Street NW, just beyond 78th Ave NW, Gig Harbor, WA
Parcel No. 0121112057, 3.82 Acres, T21N R1E SEC 11

Hales Passage Scandinavian Lutheran Cemetery, Founded 1903
(AKA Cromwell Cemetery)
Lat: 47° 16.864’ and Lon: -122° 37.325’
In the 2500 block and on the west side of 62nd Ave NW, Gig Harbor, WA
About 300 gravestones
Originally, only those of the Lutheran faith were buried here, who first settled in the Cromwell area, but later burials included those of many different faiths.
Parcel No. 0121252069, 2.84 Acres, T21N R1E SEC 25

Fox Island Cemetery
Lat: 47° 15.995’ and Lon: -122° 38.210’
On 6th Ave FI, just beyond Hyak Dr FI, near the curve, on the left (east side).
Parcel No. 0120021003, 2.00 Acres, T20N R1E SEC2

Home Cemetery
Lat: 47° 16.768’ and Lon: -122° 46.340’ (About)
Owned by Peninsula Social Club Cemetery
Parcel No. 2709300055, which is part of a larger parcel,
Owned by Peninsula Heritage Land Trust
Of all the Peninsula cemeteries it seems that the Home and Minter cemeteries are the smallest, with only nine recorded burials in the Home Cemetery and four in the Minter.
From the sparse records available on this land it would seem that Joseph Hieman on November 16, 1920, conveyed it to the Home Grange #701 of Home, WA.
Records further show that on May 29, 1922, the home Grange #701 sold the land to the Peninsula Social Club for $1.00 for the purpose of it being used for a cemetery.
With no active association to look after it, it has long since fallen into disrepair. The road leading to it is grown up with brush and is no longer accessible by car.
Parcel No. 0021263031, 2.46 Acres. T21 R00E SEC 26
Inside Home Colony use: 45 85 00 XXXX

Minter Cemetery
Lat: 47° 22.877’ and Lon: -122° 41.680’
On the SE corner of Creviston Dr NW and 118th Ave NW in Minter.
In the same general area as Home Cemetery and is in the same neglected and over-grown state. Records indicate that it was donated by a family named Moss.
Parcel No. 0122282006, 1.00 Acres. T22 R1W SEC 28

Vaughn Bay Cemetery (Vaughn, Key Peninsula)
AKA Bay View Cemetery
Lat: 47° 20.869’ and Lon: -122° 47.126’
On the west side of 186th Ave KP N, just off Bay View Road, KP N
Address is: xxx-186th Ave KPN
Parcel No. 0022344080, 2.74 Acres, T22N R1W SEC 34 and
Parcel No. 0022344038, 2.84 Acres, T22N R1W SEC 34

Niemann Family Cemetery (Vaughn, Key Peninsula)
A private family cemetery across the street from Vaughn Bay Cemetery
Lat: 47° 20.849’ and Lon: -122° 47.114’
On the east side of 186th Ave KP N, just off Bay View Road, KP N
Address is: xxx-186th Ave KPN
Parcel No. 0022344047, 0.12 Acres, T22 R1W SEC 34

Lakebay Cemetery (Lakebay)
Lat: 47° 15.472’ and Lon: -122° 45.700’ about
Tax ownership: Lakebay Cemetery Association
Location is just east of Cornwall Road, before the sharp corner to the left, opposite the lake.
Address: 222 Cornwall Road KP S, Lakebay, WA 98349
Parcel No. 0020021008, 0.70 Acres. T20 R00 Sec 02

Old German Evangelical Lutheran (Church) Cemetery (Lakebay)
Lat: 47° 14.112’ and Lon: -122° 46.106’
Tax ownership: German Evangelical Lutheran Church
23rd Street KP S, Lakebay, WA 98349
At the tee intersection of 158th Ave KP S and 24th St KP S, on the west side of the tee.
Parcel No. 0020121029, 7.19 Acres. T20 R00 Sec 12

Longbranch Cemetery
Lat: 47° 12.918’ and Lon: -122° 45.582’
Location: On NW corner of the intersection of Key Peninsula Hwy S and 46th St KP S.
Owned by Longbranch Cemetery Association
Parcel No. 0020144065. 2.08 Acres. T20N R00W SEC 13

Victor Cemetery (in Pierce County at the Mason County line)
(AKA Pederson Family Cemetery)
Lat: 47° 23.362’ and Lon: -122° 48.064’
Located 1.4 miles east of State Highway 302 on the Victor Road, on the NW corner of the intersection of 144th St KPN. It is located on the NW corner of the crossroads of a power line and dirt road, bordering the Mason/Pierce County Line, the cemetery being in Pierce County. The site, approximately two acres, was donated for use as a cemetery by the P. G. Pederson family in 1910 or 1911. It is partially fenced, has some brush, and receives only occasional maintenance from local volunteers.
Parcel No. 0022153002, 2.00 Acres. T22 R00 Sec 15

Burley Cemetery (Kitsap County)
Lat: 47° 24.704’ and Lon: -122° 38.194’
Across the street from 14964 Willow Road SE, Burley, WA 98322
A small cemetery on a hillside, fenced with a low wooden gate at the road.
Parcel (Tax Acct #) 4865-008-009-0000 and 0307. 0.40 Acres. T22N R1E SEC 11
Burley Library Association Cemetery

Olalla Cemetery (Kitsap County)
(AKA Old Olalla Cemetery and Old Pioneer Cemetery)
Lat: 47° 25.739’ and Lon: -122° 33.489’ (Only about)
Olalla Cemetery is at the top of the hill, north side of the hwy, overlooking Olalla Bay and the store.
TPCGS 1982: On the corner of Olalla Valley Road SE and Orchard Ave SE, across from the water.
Located on the Gig Harbor Peninsula just over the Pierce County line in Kitsap County. It sits high on a hill overlooking a small inlet in Puget Sound. It is a pioneer cemetery, overgrown and seemingly forgotten, with many stones tipped and broken or completely lost. Only one grave, that of a little Oriental boy, in a far corner of the cemetery is well kept.
One can approach the cemetery only by a narrow foot path up the side of the hill and through a wire and pipe gate on a post.
It was established, according to early records, at a meeting of the electors of School District #17 on February 2, 1901, and consists of one and one-half acres. The cemetery was abandoned in 1930 and there have been no burials in it since that date.
Inventoried by Puget Sound Genealogical Society in Feb 2005.
T22N R2E SEC03. Not found. (Would be 032202-X-XXX-XXXX). 1.5 Acres
But Fraola Cemetery Assn owns Parcel No. 042202-1-014-2006, very nearby.
Fraola Cemetery Lat: 47° 25.576’ and Lon: -122° 33.110’ (About)